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P.J. Proby
James Marcus Smith
Houston, USA, 6 Listopada 1938
EMI, EMI Premier, Liberty, See for Miles, Sunset


I Am Pj Proby / Pj Proby - P.J. Proby I Am Pj Proby / Pj Proby 2005   CD  
Heroes - P.J. Proby Heroes 1998   CD  
Phenomenon/Believe It Or Not - P.J. Proby Phenomenon/Believe It Or Not 1998   CD  
Legend - P.J. Proby Legend 1997   CD  
Ep Collection - P.J. Proby Ep Collection 1996   CD  
P.J. Proby'S In Town/Enigma - P.J. Proby P.J. Proby'S In Town/Enigma 1996   CD  
I Am P.J. Proby/P.J. Proby - P.J. Proby I Am P.J. Proby/P.J. Proby 1996   CD  
Savoy Sessions - P.J. Proby Savoy Sessions 1996   CD  
Yesterday Has Gone - P.J. Proby Yesterday Has Gone 1996   CD  
Man With A Mission: Best Of P.J. Proby - P.J. Proby Man With A Mission: Best Of P.J. Proby 1995   CD  
Legendary P.J. Proby At His Very Best: Vol. 2 - P.J. Proby Legendary P.J. Proby At His Very Best: Vol. 2 1987   CD  
Hero - P.J. Proby Hero 1981   CD  
Elvis - P.J. Proby Elvis 1978   CD  
Somewhere - P.J. Proby Somewhere 1975   CD  
I'M Yours - P.J. Proby I'M Yours 1973   CD  
Three Week Hero - P.J. Proby Three Week Hero 1969   CD  
California License - P.J. Proby California License 1969   CD  
Believe It Or Not - P.J. Proby Believe It Or Not 1968   CD  
What'S Wrong With My World? - P.J. Proby What'S Wrong With My World? 1968   CD  
Phenomenon - P.J. Proby Phenomenon 1967   CD  


THE BEST OF EMI YEARS (1961-1972) - P.J. Proby THE BEST OF EMI YEARS (1961-1972) 2008   CD  

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